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Medical PPE

Medzah Ditek latest green initiative is the Biodegradable glove, known as Biodel. This glove is designed to provide an end-of-life solution to nitrile gloves and contribute to creating a better environment.

Evacuated Blood Collection System

IMPROVACUTER® Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes, IMPROVACUTER® Blood Collection Needles, IMPROSAFE® Blood Collection Needles Accessories.

IV Solutions

The Fleboflex® container consists of a polypropylene multilayer film. Polypropylene is a highly compatible material. It is used for the preparation of intravenous mixtures with drugs that have shown their incompatibility with other plastics.

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Our Process

Kickoff Call

Once a contract is signed, we will schedule a kickoff meeting to make introductions and determine schedule for ongoing meetings and sharing of information.

Weekly Meetings

Stay up-to-date on project milestone and progress through weekly check-ins. Each meeting will have an agenda and minutes to track progress and maintain efficiency.

Ongoing Collaboration

Depending on your quality needs, BGH can provide hands-on document creation, or simple guidance and review.